Dark Tourism is it an Educational right or an unethical pastime?

Hi Readers! Today in this blog post I am going to be talking all about Dark Tourism and the reasons behind this type of Special Interest Tourism, is it ethical? Dark Tourism, what is the appeal?
What is Dark Tourism? Dark Tourism is when groups or individuals travel to places of death and suffering from the main attraction been the historical value, still not completely sure what Dark Tourism is?  here are a few examples for you

The 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial.


The Holocaust Concentration Camps in Berlin and Poland.


ruins of pompei

Ruins of Pompeii


These are the type of places that people interested in Dark Tourism would or would like to visit, Okay so now you know what Dark Tourism is let’s get straight back to the discussion on the ethical side of things…
Many individuals and groups see Dark Tourism as ethical based on Educational purposes so they can learn the previous history about the place that they are visiting and learn the story behind the tragedy, whilst also paying their respects at the same time, Dark Tourism is a fast-growing industry, the Ground Zero Memorial in dedication to 9/11 has had over 23 million visitors since first opening in 2011. Ground Zero Visitor Numbers

This video was posted on the 9/11 Memorial website it reflects on the impacts and devastation visitors experience when they see Ground Zero.


“Visitors are encouraged to record their 9/11 story, share a remembrance, or voice an opinion in the Museum’s recording studio. Reflecting on 9/11 is an ongoing project designed to track personal reflections about the attacks and their continuing repercussions

  • Although many also view it as voyeuristic and this can cause conflicting views amongst  individuals, There have been many incidents reported in the past, individuals not respecting the place they’re visiting, for example, the Journalist Jason Feifer was under scrutiny for posting inappropriate photographs, one that included a teenager doing a thumbs up at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.
Selfie at Holocaust Memorial
  • Incidents such as these scrutinize and undermine the positive affects memorials serve. 

Dark Tourism exists because it is a must, it represents a wide demographic in terms of race gender and age, the memorials enable us to see the repercussions of tragedies and educate all ages from children to young adults to the older generation, Memorials also show that although millions of people had terrible endings that their death was not in vain and shows they’re not forgotten about.
Dark Tourism unites communities brings people together creates and promotes awareness of the types of evil in the world and is a firm stance in the face of ever-growing conflict. What do you think reader? Does Dark tourism serve a purpose or is it unethical?
I hope you enjoyed this insight into the ethical and unethical aspects of Dark Tourism and check back next time for a new blog on a new topic! A blog in which I will be chatting with you all about Special Interest Tourism and the Motivations behind this fast-growing tourism industry, If you’ve made it this far then well done & Thank you for reading until next time Goodbye for now.